Are Your Habits Serving You?
by Rod Hairston

Are there areas of your life that just aren't working? If doing what you're doing isn't delivering the results you want, it's time to let go, step out of your comfort zone and try something different. We have a tendency to cling to patterns and allow old habits to run our lives.

Take a good hard look at your actions, attitudes, beliefs, focus and emotional states. Take the time to identify the thoughts and behaviors that are not serving you. Whether it's starting the morning with the negative newscasts, feeding your body with sugar and caffeine, hiding behind a victim mentality -- these are all habits you need to evaluate. The sooner you stop justifying the patterns in your life that aren't building your momentum, the easier it will be to change and lead a more fulfilled life.

If there's one lesson we've all learned, it's that change is hard. Most of you have been to my seminar and you know about the Cycle of Performance. Our natural tendency is start of strong and inspired on the path of improvement. You know what comes next: the brick wall of deception. It loves to push us back into the safety of our comfort zones. Remember your board breaking exercise? You have the power to push through deception, take responsibility of the situation and forge ahead.

Change takes time, but with consistency and focus you can achieve the identity you desire. As I always say, an inch is a cinch but a yard is hard. Take those small steps to eliminate the habits that aren't serving you. Enjoy the journey. Life is about growing and doing with joy and gratitude. You are amazing people! Believe!