Shark Eyes

A shark locks in on its target, focused only on conquering its goal, impervious to pain or fear. With shark-like eyes, we create our Vision to direct our unconscious mind towards the reality we expect to live. We experience our Vision as if it has already happened, vividly imagining the reality we are creating. All thoughts, emotions, efforts, and energy are focused and directed toward our desired result.


It All Starts Here

We start every venture with a solid Belief in ourselves, our Vision, our abilities, our goals, our team, and the value we offer, in order to create what we desire in physical reality. Our Beliefs are the expression of our internal certainty and expectation; they create our behaviors. We start every effort focused on Beliefs that serve us and our mission, and we purposefully build Beliefs that support the results we desire.


Honey Badger Don't Care

No matter what challenge it's facing, the honey badger acts fearlessly with a complete expectation of success. We recognize that uncertainty equals opportunity, and we meet uncertainty with the power, intelligence, flexibility, and strength of the honey badger to grow out of our comfort zone and create at the highest level. When facing uncertainty, the deliberate choices we make regarding how to use our physiology, self-talk, and focus are our greatest tools.


Creativity Doesn't Play by the Rules

We are open to pure and unlimited creativity. We don't allow the "rules" of any personal judgments, past experiences, or limiting beliefs to hold us back. When the limitless power of the unconscious mind is called into play by thought, creation happens. Our Creativity springs from a positive, imaginative environment enriched by fun, happiness, and free expression. It is the medium through which our dreams and aspirations are fulfilled. We exist to create, and it is through creation that we find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. We protect and nurture that which we create, and we cultivate its growth. Creation is our most important endeavor, and our ability to create is our greatest asset.

Health & Energy

The Neurogasmic Principle

The synergy between Mind and Body is reflected in the Neurogasmic Principle where energy, alertness, mental agility, creativity, and physical vitality results in the balance of body, mind, and spirit. A healthy mind is a healthy body, and a healthy body is a healthy mind. All vital energy comes from our ability to create energy that flows freely through us. We are healthy, energetic, and fit, and we regularly strive to improve our levels of health and fitness. Physical activity primes the pump of our imagination and creativity. We believe our health and fitness is a reflection of our power.


Give More, Be More

We have faith that we are One with the Universe, and the more we give, the more we develop ourselves, and the more we become. We give love and service from a place of wholeness, purity, and complete presence. Strength comes from vulnerability, and we choose to be wholly vulnerable and give from a creative and empowered space. We give the gift of love and service in everything we do.


Beyond the Need

Our starting point is delivering even more value than we promise, finding ways to go beyond the initial needs and desires of our clients. Value beyond the need is the intangible gift we give, and it moves our companies forward. It drives growth and enhances our relationships; it builds equity and extends our brand to new and unexpected opportunities. The Value we deliver drives customer satisfaction and referrals. It is the byproduct of a culture committed to growth and constant improvement, and it differentiates, separates, and distinguishes our offerings from others.

IE Influence

Inside Out

As Inside Out Influencers, we purposefully align and engage emotionally with every audience. Looking inside ourselves for our motivation, vision, and belief allows us to stand strong in our values and standards as we focus outside ourselves and add massive value to the world. We embrace growth and lead by communicating and collaborating in a way that is both visionary and forward thinking. We speak kindly and candidly, looking for commonalities to help us communicate clearly. We are always looking for ways to contribute and add value to the greater good, speaking to people's needs and powerfully connecting with others.


Close-up Ready

We are ready to show and share our best self at all times, to present ourselves as impeccable examples of our values and standards in action. We consistently conduct ourselves professionally - from how we look, to what we say, to how we act; we know that we are "on stage" at all times. We act in the best interests of our organization and our clients. We lead by example in all areas of our business and personal lives, and that alignment is our competitive advantage.


Live Out Loud

We live vividly! We make our own rules! We embrace humor and fun! We are fearless, bold, adventurous, curious, and light-hearted. We enjoy the experience of life every step of the way, capturing moments and creating memories. We give and thrive on positive energy, possibility, and sharing. We embrace laughter, music, art, and physical expression. We engage with our inner child by learning and trying new things on a regular basis. We have fun while creating at the highest level, and we reward each milestone. Fun gets more done!

High Standards

Great Today, Awesome Tomorrow

Our drive is to be the best we can be today and to be even better tomorrow. We strive to be inspirational role models for others and push ourselves to grow continuously. We are grateful and at the same time are always looking for ways to improve our performance and ourselves. By raising our level of belief, awareness, habits, and vision, we are continually reaching for and achieving new levels of excellence.


Value Leads, Money Follows

As we serve and create more and more value for our clients, our wealth consciousness expands, and money comes to us in abundance. Money is a tangible measure of the value and service we provide. It is a reflection of our gift-level of service in action. We believe that great wealth is a result of great purpose. Money never leads; it always follows the provided value.