In any training, the ideal measuring stick for success is real-world behavioral change that translates into increased performance, results and impact for the individual and the organization.

This requires more than just new information and strategies; it requires a systematic process of changing behavioral habits on the job. The essential components are: Immersion Experience + Practical Conditioning + Coaching and Accountability = Consistent Performance & Growth

Most organizations focus only on the training components or delivering quality training. They believe if they simply expose their leaders and team members to better ideas, techniques or processes, then those individuals will go back to the field and easily translate that new information into long-lasting, consistent performance and wellbeing. This sounds good in theory, but unfortunately this isn't how real behavioral shifts take place.

A training event can offer tremendous value, including team building, aligning a group around a new direction or vision, communicating important information and shifting perspectives.

While these are all important value-adds, as stand alone initiatives they will not automatically translate into new behavior and performance back in the field or on the job. Conditioning and accountability are the key components necessary in aligning habits to consistently reinforce these shifts.

At Envision-U we have cracked the code to unlocking human potential through our online daily conditioning programs and our weekly integration systems.

Daily Conditioning

In our daily programs, we take you through a process of clearly identifying what your desired results look like and consistently taking small daily actions to build the supportive habits for the long-term. This motivates you to consistently process, integrate and apply new strategies in practical ways in your own time. Utilizing new techniques in your everyday environment, you will create incredible progress toward reaching your desired results.

Weekly Conditioning

In our weekly integration system, we support you through a process of diving deep into the principles and models of success. The weekly integration system is designed to integrate key content by separating concepts into models while integrating through application questions.

Designed Discomfort

Both daily and weekly conditioning programs are designed to help you move through the inevitable "discomfort" that comes with stepping outside of your comfort zone any time you decide to try something new, implement a new technique or strategy or just push yourself to the next level of performance. This discomfort is an essential part of the growth and performance process and it is often where most people stumble. They give up and go back to the comfort of how they've always done it before, even though they know it won't get them the result they want.

To ensure that doesn't happen, both the daily and weekly conditioning are built to proactively guide you through the discomfort and support you in creating new behaviors and beliefs for lasting results. Through daily and weekly application, you will create new success habits that increase momentum towards your goals and your company's vision.