Founded in 1995, Envision-U is a global force in providing corporations and leaders with intelligent systems and strategies to reach their organization's vision, financial outcomes and ideal cultural environment. Envision-U is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals translate training, facilitation and programming into long lasting results.

For over 20 years, Envision-U has helped our clients and partners apply training systems that utilize a range of effective solutions, from in-person events to online coaching programs. By empowering organizations to develop the habits of a growth-oriented culture, Envision-U helps companies implement and integrate aligned strategies to achieve results.

Our experience-based solutions focus on leadership, culture, teamwork, communication, and performance. These programs teach people from entry-level employees to company executives and CEOs how to be more effective by increasing their sphere of influence on the job and in their personal lives. Acting on the insights gained from Envision-U programs, events and workshops, companies have successfully increased their revenue up to 200% in less than one year.