Training Paths


Cultural ISMS®

  • Take the next step in developing your company culture by integrating it into the everyday behaviors and actions of every member of your team.
  • Company values are just words until they are integrated.
  • To create and sustain your ideal growth culture, you must have an integration process that weaves your new values into the fabric of your organization.

Why the program is important:

Integration means employees and leadership are able to shift their beliefs, behaviors, and habits to support your ideal company culture. This program is designed for the organization that’s committed to living and working by a shared set of values.

It focuses on creating the momentum necessary to build a high-performing culture within your organization by aligning the culture of the organization with its vision and strategic growth strategies. This program maximizes the probability of your company’s message being heard, understood, and acted upon

How the program works:

By intentionally integrating your new values, your company will more easily align recruitment, onboarding, sales processes, and customer service activities with the organization’s overall brand and vision. Without this integration, there will be limited buy-in for the overall vision and mission of your organization, lower employee engagement, and higher employee turnover.

Each month, your organization will focus on a different company value through weekly online modules. Leaders and employees will explore the message and meaning behind each ISM, ensuring that everyone understands how to enact and embody each value in their day-to-day role in the organization. Throughout the month, modules will support a deeper dive into each value and how it can be integrated through commitment and consistency, communication, recognition and rewards, and teamwork. Each month ends with exploring how full integration of the specific ISM impacts current strategies and leads to your desired results.

Because this is an ongoing monthly program, ISMS Integration can be included in your onboarding process for new employees. They can join teammates in understanding and living by the company values regardless of how long the rest of the organization has been in the program. ISMS Integration can be an ongoing program for your organization to reinforce and support your ideal company culture through ongoing growth.