The 45 Day Challenge® High Performing Culture program is an online conditioning course built to empower you in taking responsibility for your growth as an employee and your personal impact on the company's culture.

In this program you will take small daily actions towards your ideal attitude, effort, habits and behaviors to support your career desires while also supporting your company in reaching their vision.

By aligning your professional identity with the culture of your organization, you become even more efficient and effective in your performance, making your time at work both more fulfilling and rewarding.

The program holds you accountable to applying and embodying the key models and principles of communication, mindset, performance and influence while not taking away from your daily tasks. Program assignments take an average of 10-15 minutes daily to help you become more balanced, focused and effective at work and in your life.

You have a full 24 hours each day in the program to complete your assignments. You can do your daily assignments from any Internet-enabled computing device.

Experience Healthy Co-Opetition

If you are looking to have a team, department, division or organization participate in the 45 Day Challenge® High Performing Culture, then this is for you!

Co-Opetition is Envision-U's masterful cooperative, competitive approach that empowers participants to go through the 45 Day Challenge® with added accountability and leverage. With a healthy desire to win, placing participants on teams allows members to support their fellow teammates and compete against other teams.

Each team will have a designated Team Leader from your organization who will organize and lead weekly check in calls as well as learn from an Envision-U Certified Advisor on a weekly call around the principles of a growth culture. Healthy co-opetition allows participants to consistently process, integrate and apply new concepts through weekly open conversations about what they are experiencing. By going through this program together, members will have shared growth, communication and accountability to continue to sustain their new results even after the 45 days are completed.