ACE is a state of the art, web-based interactive coaching tool, allowing a leader to facilitate coaching and individual feedback from the powerful position of proactive versus reactive communication.

Promoting significant growth and continued progress, ACE empowers leaders to leverage the power of proactive communication with the individuals on their team in three key areas of performance: attitude, competence, and effort. These three traits define people's performance in their job and focus on the specific job behaviors and habits that create consistent success.

The ACE process is designed around frequent, outcome-focused communication that creates consistent coaching opportunities for leaders in the development of their team. Team members and their leaders each complete a monthly online review around the team member's attitude, competence, and effort during that month. The results and any discrepancies between the team member's self-ratings and their leader's evaluation then provide a consistent metric for monthly coaching sessions.

The online system ensures consistent quality performance coaching, and members get an honest view of their strengths and development needs in a supportive, empowering and challenging way.

The online assessment and coaching system also includes a strong reporting structure, making it easy to monitor each individual's coaching, action plan, consistency, and progression, as well as the leader's direct reports patterns.

ACE Outcomes: