Every company has a culture, whether they realize it or not. Most company cultures are largely unconscious, loosely defined, not translated into specific behavior and rarely communicated or reinforced.

The results and success of an organization are the combined beliefs of each of the organization's team member's beliefs. The Cultural ISMS® of an organization become the operating beliefs for the members of the company. By operating and speaking in alignment with the values and Cultural ISMS® of your organization, you have the opportunity to enhance, develop and reinforce a dynamic culture.

<>The 12 Month Cultural ISMS® Integration program is designed to empower team members to apply your company's values and ISMS by integrating them into their work life and into their habits. The program focuses on one of your 12 values and ISMS each month, defining why the value is important to the growth of the organization and providing efficient and poignant exercises to support ongoing integration.

The platform also creates accountability throughout the organization. The program platform is designed to reinforce the culture and community of the organization by providing participants a place to contribute to the organization's growth each week. Answers are shared publicly to all members of the organization allowing other members to be inspired by or comment on each other's responses.

Create a virtual space for your team members to share, communicate and grow with the added bonus of internal accountability with company visibility to ensure participation at every level.