The Cultural ISMS® Development Workshop is a two-day interactive workshop designed to define your company values. Looking out at your company's five year vision, participants at the workshop will determine the values that both the individuals and the organization must embody to reach and realize the vision.

The workshop can be accomplished in a couple of different formats, including the entire organization's participation, the leadership team's participation or a cross segment of your organization.

Participants work together to identify the necessary values and beliefs that align and support the organization in reaching your vision and desired culture. Through this process, you will reconsider what you value as an organization and what it means for how everyone thinks, acts and communicates collectively. As a result, your current values will expand and evolve to become your organization's Cultural ISMS®, which will emerge as the philosophy and foundation of growth for the organization.

What is an ISM?

Cultural ISMS® bring your values to life. ISMS are the solution to creating a consistent definition, belief system and language for everyone to live by. An ISM is an easy to remember slogan or tagline that means something specific and unique to an individual or organization. The values of your organization become meaningful, memorable and purposeful when paired with an impactful ISM.