The most common symptom of mediocre organizations is their inability to develop a common focus, a system of operating or a streamlined approach that doesn't have employees and departments stepping on one another's toes.

High performing organizations and leadership teams are successful when they focus on outcomes instead of being caught up in strategy. The most effective teams in the world understand the importance of recognizing their target, clearly communicating why they are aiming for it and then shooting a bullseye.

Most individuals take massive action then become frustrated when they don't achieve the results they anticipated. Yet they continue to take those actions and try to justify to their team who doesn't understand why they continue to take action even when those actions did not produce results.

This two-day workshop and integration program teaches your leaders a strategic approach to effective action, empowering participants to align efforts towards common purposeful goals. This dynamic system and approach ensures everyone is on the same page, outcome-focused and purpose-driven to the ultimate outcomes and vision of the organization.

The Strategic Influence Workshop develops a common language that allows leaders and team members to confidently communicate and effectively work together, understanding how every action impacts the organization and the vision. Leaders will intuitively recognize and understand how every effort impacts the organization either towards their vision or away from their vision.

Once the ultimate outcomes of your organization have been finalized, Envision-U provides an additional integration process.

The Strategic Influence Integration process supports you in identifying the benchmark outcomes needed to reach the ultimate outcome, the purposes for each of the outcomes as well as the necessary action items for each outcome. By empowering your organization to accomplish your ultimate outcomes, you will create systems and procedures that accelerate you in reaching your five-year vision.