As successful organizations grow and expand, they consistently develop their next level business vision. It is intuitive to set goals and to set projections as an organization, but the real question is, are you setting a real vision, or predicting inevitable benchmarks?

It is imperative to create an uncomfortable gap between your organization's current results and capability and your organization's next level of success. Without a compelling and seemingly impossible or outlandish vision, organizations start to experience stagnation or even decline in performance, retention and revenue.

In this three hour workshop, Envision-U partners with your leadership team to facilitate the vision process. The first step of the process is to create an intentional gap, inviting in uncertainty, enthusiasm and unease. The next step is to utilize the nervous energy the gap creates to provide your leaders with an opportunity to tap into their unlimited capability and creativity. Next, leaders re-align themselves by, identifying any old limiting beliefs, rules and behaviors, and then defining the necessary new beliefs, rules and behaviors necessary to support the new vision. The workshop empowers your leadership team to clearly define your organization's vision and proactively ensure that your leadership team has the necessary beliefs and commitment to the newly declared vision.