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The New Normal

45 Day Challenge®
High Performing Team

  • Building a high-performing team means making it a part of every action in your organization. Condition your team for high performance in just 45 days.
  • The 45 Day Challenge High Performing Team program is an online team conditioning course that guides employees to understand their responsibility to fully engage in the company culture, in support of business goals.
The New Normal

Why this conditioning is important

It’s proven that you must take small daily actions to integrate any new habit, behavior, belief, or value. That commitment and consistency for 45 days is the basis for this program, in which participants build new habits that support the company and themselves in every area of their life.

How this conditioning works

The program will be the primary vehicle for employees to align with the ideal behaviors and values that define the company culture and is customized for your organization. Each individual will be placed on a team and participating for about 5-10 minutes each day, supported by Envision-U advisors.

The program includes:

A weekly team call, facilitated by an EU advisor, to share experiences, ask questions and learn how their fellow team members are applying their new knowledge

A weekly video from CEO Rod Hairston to help understand the importance of the company culture and integrate the company values

Are you ready to become the powerful leader of a high-performing team?