Training Paths

The Foundation
of Influence Program

  • Live by the NEW Golden Rule: Treat Others How They Want to Be Treated.
  • The Foundation of Influence is a cutting-edge training and accountability program designed around award-winning tools, principles, and models of influence to produce more successful communication that positively impacts any interaction.
  • This program will work for (and benefit) members of the organization of every level, from entry-level employees to leadership.

Why this program is important

In general, people act, respond, and react to communication-based unconscious patterns, specifically by looking to meet an emotional need before a logical need. By understanding these emotional patterns of behavior and communication, participants will gain a completely new skill set to utilize in every interaction with others.

How this program works

Throughout this course, participants will develop a heightened level of awareness around what people really want and what that looks like behaviorally. Participants will have more success in their interactions with their team, external customers, clients, vendors, and business partners, gaining greater confidence when communicating with others. Participants will also learn to better understand and align with the needs of those in their personal relationships.

This program is for you or your company if you:

  • Want a higher level of confidence in communicating with people in any situation
  • Are struggling to align with your customers or team members
  • Waste time and energy communicating with challenging customers or team members
  • Find yourself or your team stalled in sales growth